Hoop’n‘Scoop Inflatable Pool Game Set

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Kickstart exciting family time in your backyard pool and let your kids a pool volleyball and basketball game.  Inflatable nets and easy to install.

Swimming Pool Volleyball Basketball Combo Set

Swimming Pool Volleyball Basketball Combo Set

Kickstart exciting family time in your backyard pool and let your kids play pool volleyball and basketball game. Inflatable nets are easy to install, it only takes a few seconds to set it up. Switch between two different games and take your pool activity to the next level.


  • Easy to set up The inflatable pool game set comes with 1 air inflator pump and 2 pool weights. These pool accessories make it super easy to inflate and install the pool games without the hassles of blowing air manually, and the weights prevent your net from drifting.
  • Travel-friendly You can carry this unique pool set to wherever you travel. Set up the inflatable volleyball net on the beach and get ready for a holiday volleyball or basketball game with your squad.
  • Suitable for all age groups The volleyball net is 120 inches wide and 38 inches high, the perfect height for kids or teens to take part in this porting pool action. It also comes with inflatable basketball hoops (35x27x27inches) and an inflatable basketball (13inches), to double the fun-filled family time.
  • A complete package The set is versatile. You can pick between two different games- basketball or volleyball. It makes a perfect, unique addition to your games. Now spend hours playing in the swimming pool.


How long does inflatable pool game set last?

A pool basketball hoop, if used judiciously, can last up to 5 years.

What is the best way to blow up?

Inflatable volleyball and basketball court can be blown up using an air inflator pump.

How do you operate the valve on your inflatable & how do I inflate properly?

While inflating, don’t blow excess air into the floats. Keep checking with your index and make sure it makes a dent. When it gets to the intended shape, check its surface and ensure it’s not hard and bouncy enough to play basketball.

How I do properly set up the Super Hoops Floating Swimming Pool Basketball Game?

When using a basketball hoop, tie one weight bag to it using a rope and get your pool ready to play the basketball.

How do you store an inflatable pool game set?

Once you are done playing basketball/volleyball in the pool, you have to deflate, fold the set, and keep safely in a large trash bin. Don’t forget to close it with a tight lid.



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