Playing in the Pool Important for your Child

Why is Playing in the Pool Important for your Child

Pools are like amusement parks, they provide us and children with endless hours of fun and games. Think about all the different playful activities a child or a teen can pursue at the pool, playing different pool games, swimming contests, playing with pool toys and floats, role-playing as mermaids and pirates, learning to do flips or handstands in the water and the list can go on. 

There are so many things that your child could be learning during their time at the pool. Here, we’ve put together a list of few benefits of what playing in the pool brings for your children.

1. A Fun way to Exercise and be Healthy


Swimming is considered one of the best forms of physical exercise and not only for adults but for kids and toddlers too. It is known to improve overall cardiovascular fitness and provides your body with a full workout. A pool is also a good way to get kids outdoors, make them more active, and gives them the chance to enjoy the company of their family and friends.

2. Teaches Safety Tips and Tricks

Teaches Safety Tips

Swimming pools are also a great way to teach young kids how to be safe around water. Children who regularly swim in pools have been shown to have stronger swimming skills, and even a stronger sense of swimming safely. You or the instructor should impart certain swimming pool safety points to your children before they hit the pools for the first time.

3. Improves Body Coordination

swimming safety tips

Apart from learning various swimming safety tips, playing in the pool also contributes to your child developing good motor skills and improves hand-eye coordination. All this waterside exercise is way more beneficial for the little ones. Playing in the pool can instigate better communication from your young one’s part and can also lead them to learn how to talk and learn their words early.

4. Builds their Imagination


Pretend-play is also an important contribution to your child’s overall development. It helps kids develop skills that help them distinguish between realities of day to day life. It also helps instill an open mind when comes to dealing with different scenarios and outcomes in real life. Your kid’s imaginative playfulness has a major impact on their early developmental years and provides them with a sound foundation upon which they are able to build, create and excel later in life that leads them to be successful in their respective fields.

5. Promotes Social Interaction and Boosts Confidence

Boosts Confidence

Playing with their siblings or friends at the pool can help your child develop social skills as learning proper social skills has proven itself to be an invaluable lesson for your kids’ future. And pools are a great spot for young kids to hang out and interact together. When playing with the other kids, your child learns to communicate effectively, they learn to express their emotions in a proper way, how to deal with loss, sharing games, and taking turns, all these attributes ultimately helps your child to also help develop greater confidence and a keen presence of mind.

6. Brings Your Family and Kids Together

Kids together

Doing things together as a family helps your child learn family values, respecting their siblings, and further helps them develop empathy. Even though it may get hard for some families to find the time to spend quality time together, having a backyard pool or making a point to go to public pools or even going to a water park once every month during the summers can help bring your family closer and have fun together.

Introduce new games and toys to the pool and keep upgrading them as your child grows. Pool volleys, pool jousting, and pool basketballs are one of the more trending pool toys this season.

So next time summer hits the streets, make sure that you and your kids are also hitting the pools for a fun-filled learning experience.

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