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Quarantine is Here to Stay: Which Interactive Indoor Games to Look for to Keep your Child Busy

Quarantine has changed all of our lives and this pandemic isn’t going to go anywhere sooner. With most schools still closed and playgrounds and parks being the wrong choice for any kind of physical activity if you’re really concerned about your kid’s well-being. As kids are more likely to be careless when playing with the other children. And honestly, you don’t want your kids to hate you for stopping them from playing outside.

So, what do you do if you want to keep your child active and healthy during these times. Well, the internet has again come to the disposal of many such parents who were clueless after the virus hit the streets, hospitals and offices. And so, even though your kids can’t go out, you can include interactive and time-crunching indoor activities that will not only help them grow physically healthy but it will also incite intellectual and empathetic development. 

Why Do You Need to Keep Your Kid Busy When Indoors

Indoors Games

Well, the idea is to not curb their lives, in fact the answer is to normalize their recent environment so that they don’t  start to panic. Also, when you’re stopping them from playing outdoors, you’re dangerously close to getting your child to be more irritable, stubborn, passive and other concerning behavioral disturbances. So, you need to incorporate games and activities that will keep your child from receiving any sort of sudden shock and in return, such activities could open possibilities for your child to become more attuned with their feelings and of those in their family. The point is to bring your kids closer to you and to make them understand their relationships and themselves better.

They can also start to disassociate themselves from the outer world and the only connection between them is you and their internet. To avoid that, you need them to participate properly while they’re on their respective online classes. Infact, you and your kids and partake in online workshops and developmental programs that will improve your child’s skill set while they selectively seclude themselves from the world.

What Are the Things You Should Be Trying

Online Programs & Apps

Online Programs

Like I’ve just mentioned, your child’s development shouldn’t come to a standstill only because the world has. This is infact the time where you and your child both can invest their times in learning something together or on their own. Sign them up for fun arithmetic programs that are mostly free. You can also help them participate in taking online art classes, parent-child yoga sessions, language apps and that’s not all. You can also set them up with online play dates as that has become the new norm.

Creative Projects

Creative Projects

If you are having a kid who’s really into art and stuff, then coloring books, beginner’s origami, or any other crafts book and tips are fine choices that help to get your kid’s creative cogs to turn. For younger kids too, coloring and painting should be made mandatory on atleast a three-day repeat basis. Paint a wall or paint your dog house, your house should be open to your child’s imagination and should not make them feel like they don’t belong at home. That can again trigger emotions that will disrupt the whole flow of creative energy. DIY science projects are also a great way for your kids to learn and be more true to their creative.

Indoor Games

Indoor Games

See, many kids don’t even realize it but playing indoors is more fun than playing outdoors. The reasons are simple really.  Your kids can play with any toy they want (that doesn’t mean that you let them play soccer inside just because you feel bad for asking them to play indoors), they can make up their own games clubbing different games together, they get to interact more with their siblings and that is a win-win for most parents also. All in all, your kid is getting the same bouts of excitement but it’s only indoors this time. 

So, better stock up on indoor games for both your toddlers and your older kids because it is going to be fun-fest of exuberant bonding and memories, something your child should be around during these times to help retain their normalcy and also help build better community skills.

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