Christmas Shopping Tips

Christmas Shopping Tips for Moms with Young Kids

Celebrating the Christmas holidays every year is the one thing people across the globe look forward to. And especially children. For them, Christmas is this magical time of the year where they can eat sweet treats, enjoy the company of distant relatives and cousins, movie nights every night through the Christmas week, and the most important aspect of all: Christmas gifts!

Kids really love their toys or games and usually will tell their parents beforehand what toy they want for Christmas. Some kids end up asking their parents for outrageously costly toys but as a parent, it is up to you to decide whether or not that toy is something your kid really really wants and if it’s worth the money your kid wants you to spend on it. But some kids never put their parents through the pressure of choosing their Christmas gift.

So, in the end, the ball is really in your court. Then how to devise the perfect plan to do Christmas shopping if you’re a mum? We may have a few Christmas shopping tips for you to consider before you step out for buying presents for your kids.

#1 Tip: Start Saving Early

Start saving early

If you want to buy something for your kid that looks expensive, it will be a good idea to start saving up for the gift from months before and not just save in December. Your kid may not know the difference but you do.

If you want your kid to realize the value of saving, you can ask your kid to save up from his pocket money as well. That way when you go out to shop for the holiday season, both you and your child will be able to understand their takes better while choosing a present.

#2 Gift Should Be Thoughtful, Educational, and Unique

This is advice for every parent, if you have young kids, deciding what toys you should buy for them hold some semblance to whether or not your kid will be learning anything from the toy. Since they don’t really endorse a developed taste in toys, you have the free hand to decide what quality of toys you want to purchase. Good educational and interactive toys help your kids advance easier and can prepare them better for school.

#3 Give Experiences Not Expensive Gifts

If you can pull this off then you may be crowned the parent of the century. Because if you can plan an educational trip for your older kids during Christmas you may just be doing Christmas right. For most of us, this time of the year is mostly about bonding as a family while each catches up with the other while reminiscing on old goofy family tales. Rather than you shop for a gift, sign up your children for a life-changing outdoor activity. Or buy a present that will guarantee that your child will become more interested in playing outdoors or by the pool.

#4 Traditions Over Anything

Traditions over anything

Here’s the thing, most kids these days are unaware of most of the older Christmas traditions as more and more families keep forgetting these family rituals altogether. But one recent Christmas tradition is where the whole family wears ugly sweaters the morning after Christmas eve. That is really something you could try plus it is also an affordable but sweet idea. So, if you don’t know how to knit, you always can try knitting matching family scarves, that should be easy given now we have ample videos online teaching us various knitting techniques.

Essential Christmas Gift Shopping Guide for Every Mom with Young Kids

#5 Prepare Your Child for the Shopping Trip Beforehand

Prepare your child

When going out to shop for Christmas presents with your kids it is important to make sure that your child is well-rested and in a good mood. Cranky kids during such endeavors can end up in heated tantrums for the whole mall to bear witness to. And to be honest, even you need a break because you have been busy with work and planning this holiday. Don’t wake up your child if it’s sleeping, that will only heighten the worse. Try to announce a time to them if they are old enough, but if they are toddlers, it’s on you to prepare your child for the trip to the toy shop.

#6 Do the Shopping in Intervals

Kids normally have short attention spans so it’s best to try to keep each shopping spree to limited to two hours. But if you think shopping is going to take some extra time, break up the time into two parts. Use the first two hours to shop, take an ice cream or burger break at the food court then go back to shopping whatever was left out. Also, many malls these days have a public play area, you can also assign your kids there for some time if you have important gifts to shop for which don’t belong to your kids. They can get angsty if they have to spend time at a boring store while you reject gift after gift.

#7 Brace Yourself and Be Prepared to Leave

Brace yourself

There is a high chance, in fact, this happens to most unfortunate parents every time around this time, your kid maybe wee close to a meltdown, and if you keep ignoring that, the chance are both you and the rest of your kids will have to bear with the lash out while you still have important things left to buy on the list. That doesn’t mean you ignore your child and let them do as they please. It will actually be a good decision too.
Be prepared to leave your holiday shopping midway to come back the next day because now you have an idea of what you want and so the next step of buying it should be breezy and way easier if you go without your kid.

#8 Plan a Treat After

Plan a treat after

This is important because you need to put a sort of reward system in place for them to realize that they are being given certain things as a token of appreciation for behaving well and acting as per your rules. You can take them to their favorite hotdog place or drive-in, you can take them to see a movie, you can also try going to the game arcade with them because what mall doesn’t have one? Reward your children for being good because you know they did.

So, here we are, these are some of the ways you can manage your Christmas shopping while you are out with your kids.

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