8 Reasons Why Children Must Play Outdoors

8 Reasons Why Children Must Play Outdoors

Kids these days are mostly exposed to televisions, smartphones, tablets, and other electronics and gadgets that keep them from playing outside. This can usually raise a concern for the parent where they can start to think about what happened to playing outside? Even though they do get to learn a lot about the outside world, they end up lacking in essential life-skills and may become wayward in daily communication that may result in some teachers writing comments like ‘needs to learn to interact with other students’ or ‘parent needs to focus on the child’s overall attention span’ over your kid’s progress reports. 

It is an unrivaled fact that watching cartoons or being on the phones for extended hours can affect their health directly and quite adversely as the signs point. Even though cartoons do give them the push to interact with their favorite character on the screen, too much watching tv will not only affect their eyesight but sleep cycles and can make them more irritable and volatile.

As unlike adults, kids can get addicted to such games and electronics easily and can continue their video game frenzy for days. And if your kid throws a fit whenever you ask them to go out a play outside or study, anything that takes them away from their source of media and tech addiction, well, that is the high-point for any parent to call for an intervention. 

But on the other hand, if you can get your child to play outside, you’ll be welcoming an excellent health choice for your kid, both mental and physical.  It also helps them learn other important life-skills that later help your child when they themselves become responsible members of society. So, when it comes down to video games vs. playing outdoors, push your child to get involved with.

Benefits of Children Playing Outdoors

1. Gives Them a Chance to Learn New Things

learn new things

Outdoor activities for kids can be a brilliant way to enhance their learning abilities as outdoor exercise benefits a child’s cognitive development also. They will be learning important life lessons, hacks and skills. It will help you to cultivate an intuitive problem-solving attitude in them. They will get to explore nature and it’s various attributes. They will learn to acquire new information and will also be developing an elementary understanding of science and biology.

2. Helps in Their Physical Development

physical development

Research has shown that there are several other benefits of outdoor play. One of them is physical fitness. It aids your children to lead active lives and also helps boost their stamina, immunity and fitness. It helps their muscles and bones to develop better. It also gives them a chance against the risk of many diseases like obesity, diabetes or heart problems. There are also the beneficial effects of sunlight on children that a parent needs to consider. Young children need to acquire as much natural vitamin D they could that will further help their bone development. Playing outdoors also reduces the chances of your child getting glasses at an early age, or so the experts say.

 3. It Insights Clarity and Creativity


Making your kid play outdoors with outdoor toys can help them boost their creative side as nature is the best stimulant to not only a child but anybody’s imagination. So the benefits in this aspect are limitless. Therefore, outdoor play in early childhood, surrounded by natural vegetation and fauna definitely will help your kid to learn to interact with inspired creativity and productivity. 

4. It Can Help Them Acquire Social Skills

social skills

Children who tend to play outdoors or play in groups tend to interact better than those who remain indoors and isolated. If your kids spend more time indoors, it’s up to you to urge them to step out and play with the other kids. Playing and interacting with other children helps your child to realize certain things that you can’t impart at home. They learn to communicate with their peers, understand the importance of waiting and taking turns, learning to share their toys, etc., all these contribute to your child developing a sound set of social skills and responsibility.

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5. Helps Them Develop a Positive Outlook

positive outlook

We’ve seen a lot of parents actively push their children toward playing outdoors and their sheer emphasis on it is usually shown when they themselves indulge in outdoor activities with their child. Showing them, teaching them, and guiding them lessons that help them develop happier and healthier dispositions. It helps them to understand the importance of having a positive outlook towards things in general. Being around nature provides them with a chance to channelize their feelings in the proper way.

6. Helps Improve Attention Span

improve attention span

As hinted earlier, outdoor games and activities can also improve your child’s attention span. Allowing your kids to indulge in outdoor games exposes them to real-life situations that may require keen observation and understanding. They learn to deduce qualitative solutions and be more alert around their surroundings. It is also seen that kids with ADHD or ADD also benefit from outdoor play.

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7.Enhances Motor and Sensory Skills

motor and sensory skills

Learning to walk, speak, climb, run, jump, all these physical activities require your brain to send special commands to your various body parts that make all those movements possible. So, helping your kid to develop better control over their movements also is one of the main benefits of playing outdoors. And they also learn to hone on their other senses like sight, smell and touch as well.

8. Makes Them Lead Healthier Lives

lead healthier lives

It has been noted by many experts that kids who are more involved in outdoor activity are more likely to lead a healthier life compared to the ones who don’t. They also learn to challenge themselves and push against their own limits. These kids learn to be ‘present in the moment’ from their initial years as a toddler. But only if the parents too set valuable standards and examples for them. These kids won’t learn anything if you’re being a hypocrite by being a couch potato.

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