6 Benefits of Engaging your Child in Bubble Play

6 Benefits of Engaging your Child in Bubble Play

When visualizing playtime with our kids, we usually think about conventional ways to engage them in playful activity. And one of many things that get your kids mesmerized, is a little bubble action. 

And we all know for a fact that playing and making bubbles really kept some of us busy for quite a couple of hours until one of our parents had to intervene.

But, if you were to cultivate a fantasy of these effervescent wonders in your young ones because they also sort of came with scientifically sound benefits explained by many specialists over the recent years, you will be a bit interested in knowing about it.

Bubbles Develop Better Visual Tracking

visual tracking

How well your babies develop good ocular skills is one of the many things parents have to watch out for. And some of the many benefits to bubble play is aiding visual tracking, which is the ability of a person to control their eye movements when following moving objects. 

And as it was implied earlier, bubbles are quite eye-catching and move at enough slow pace to keep your child engaged considerably. Bubble play is a great way to help your toddler strengthen their eye muscles and develop these skills. Besides, bubble play activities can be done both indoors and outdoors, so a portable bubble machine can be considered as a great buy for parents who are looking to aid their kids’ development. 

Bubbles Develop Fine Motor Skills

motor skills

Other than the wholesome development of a child’s overall motor skills, the development of fine motor skills is also a necessary attribute that will help them conquer tasks in their daily lives. They are used during playing, eating, writing, etc. Basically anytime we use your hands.

So, if you have a months-old baby who is just learning to roll over and the need to do movements that are needed to help control primitive reflexes is something we all know is another important stage in your baby’s overall development. Well, being surrounded by bubbles does give your child the motivation they need to reach out for them, by doing coordinated movements, and further furnishes them with the ability to control the finer movements of their fingers and other appendages.

Bubbles Build Hand-Eye and Foot-Eye Coordination 


This is another important area of growth in your child that requires special attention. It takes serious practice to make your hands follow precisely to the spot where your eye wants you to be. 

Playing with bubbles requires a lot of attention and trying to pop bubbles with their finger or running behind a certain huge bubble can be extremely beneficial for a child who is learning to walk or react with hands. 

You can begin this practice of ‘learning with bubbles’ by getting an automatic bubble blower machine in particular that seemed quite handy. Taking that out to the park can be a great way to make your kid chase around the bubbles. You can check it out later using this link.

Bubbles Develop Oral Motor Skills

motor skills

Playing with bubbles provides numerous good opportunities that help them develop the fundamentals of speech, hearing, and language. Gaining receptive oral motor skills isn’t something that should be threaded lightly. Some parents aren’t completely aware of how crucial this stage of their child’s development is and later end up taking their children to speech therapy sessions which can be taxing on the child in so many ways.

 As you play with your child, making popping noises. If you want to develop their language skills further, describe the bubbles using words like big, small, slimy, round, and talk about how they are moving fast or slow, etc. Studies have shown that a child can be aided in language development with the help of bubbles. 

Bubbles Develop Social and Communication Skills

Getting your kid to participate in group activities is a pretty dicey lane to steer through.  Parents would not like to witness their kids spending awkward hours standing away from a bunch of people at lunch. Therefore, we can try to cultivate better social and communication skills in your kids as early as possible. 

Having your child and his/her friends interact through bubble activities that you can try at home with an automatic bubble making machine which makes a pretty decent number of bubbles, almost 3000 plus bubbles in under a minute. The fun & games will get next level infectious which will beckon your child to be aware of his playmates and their individual reactions to the bubbles. There is no doubt that these toddlers will be communicating with each other better via bubble play.

Bubbles Develop ‘Tactile’ Sense

‘tactile’ sense

‘Touch’ is one out of the 8 senses that a human body exhibits. Tactile information is crucial as it gives us essential information for body awareness and motor planning. Research and self-experience have shown that it also helps us to understand our surroundings, to feel safe, and assist with the development of both fine and gross motor skills.

As a bubble feels both wet and sticky after it pops, when your child experiences this, their tactile system reads and interprets that information too. It provides them with the info about the texture and the location of where the bubble popped. Bubble play can be a non-toxic and safe way to enable your child to further grow this skill.

Apart from the above mentioned, bubble play also has other benefits that are equally impressive to note. It helps your young ones attain awareness of their own bodies and parts, calms them and also has shown to improve their organizational skills. 

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